Look below.. I will be selling some of my does in milk spring 2019

                        All goats will be disbudded, given anti-toxin tetanus, hooves trimmed
 and coccidiosis prevention. I also give fir meadows D-wormer and GI soother.
​                                           Goat Trails at Creekside Farm is now on Facebook, see more pics. ck. us out.......

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Baby Pictures from 2018 
​Goat Trails Love My Pippa
Portland X Cupid
​Ellie X Winston Twins 1 doeling blue eyes and 1 buckling polled and blue eyes -Retained Sold
​Portland x Cupid's Twin Doelings 1 Retained and Sold
​Goat Trails Play It Again Porter Blue
Lily X Cupid
​Goat Trails Maple Syrup Blue
Tansy X Remmy
​Goat Trails Mystic Topaz out of Sapphire x Winston
​Bliss X Picasso Twin Bucklings Sold
​Sapphire X Winston Triplet Doelings 1 Retained 1 girl polled and blue eyes
​Lily's twins 1 doeling and 1 buckling both blue eyes Retained and Sold
​Goat Trails Fancy Fiona Blue
Faith X Finley
​Annabelle X Picasso Buclking Sold
​Goat Trails Blue Moon Parade Blue/Polled
Ellie X Winston
Retained- New Herd Sire
I will be selling does in milk spring of 2019 after weaning kids.  You can put down a 50 deposit to get on the waiting list, I call people in the order I receive deposits. You can let me know which breeding pair you are interested in and I will put that down beside your name. 

All my goats come from some of the best breeding stock in the Mini Nubians.  They have amazing milk lines, udders as well as conformation.  Flashy color, blue-eyes and polled are icing on the cake!

Dolly X Winston Triplets 2 doelings and 1 buckling (wether) all blue eyes Sold
Lucy X Winston Twins 1 girl polled and 1 boy polled/blue eyes. Sold
​Juliette X Winston Twins buckling Polled (1 wether)
Aubrey X Winston twin bucklings Left- blue eyed boy available Right sold polled/blue eyes 
Gigi X Cupid Triplets 1 doeling and 2 bucklings (sold)
Naomi X Cupid Twin Buckling  1 polled and 1 polled/blue eyes
Bunny X Winston Twin boys 1 polled both boys
Adults For Sale in 2019 COMING SOON!