Breeding Plan
Kidding Feb. 2023

New Breeding Plan 2023
Early reservations can be made before kids are born by putting down a 
$75 deposit per kid. 
 Once kids are born we will start calling our waiting list in order we receive deposits. Deposits are non-refundable and once kids are on the ground half payment is required.  If kids are not picked up by10weeks a $8 a day boarding fee is required per goat. We have the right to retain any kids born on the farm. 

 We keep kids with the Dam for 8 wks (bucklings)-10 wks (doelings) to make sure they get off to a good start. 

 Breeding Plan is subject to change.  
We also have first choice to retain any kids
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                                                                        Mini-Nubian Kid Prices 

I am having to raise my prices due to increased prices of feed and hay. 
Base price for a kid will be 500/550 and 50 will be added for each..
Milk star-Dam, milk star- Sire, polled, blue eyes and moonspots
Pricing is also based on pedigree/milklines and udders.




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Tip: When purchasing your first Mini- Nubian always buy the best you can possibly afford to start your foundation herd! 
Remember, click on the goats pic. to see their bloodlines. 

​Possible Blue eye, moonspots

Bucklings will have his milk star

Due in April 23'

​Storm had Twins

Doeling/Buckling both polled

Buckling will have his milk star.

​Wren had Twins


Buckling will have his milk star

Hope had a single buckling covered in chocolate moonspots

Once Hope gets her milk star this little guy will have his

​Magnolia is not due until end of April first of May.

Possible polled and moonspots. 
Bucklings will have their milk star.

2021- Spring Magnolia
was #1 in top 10 with BF at 13.4%
and #1 Top 10 with total points in Milk testing

Lani had Twins


Lani's Dam is a 5 * milker

​Raven had Twin bucklings


Bucklings will have their stars.
                 Fiona 2*P                            Braveheart *B          $700-800
              Storm 2*P                          Braveheart *B         $700- 800
              Wren *P                             Braveheart *B          $650-750
              Hope                                 Diamond *B              $650-750
              Magnolia *3P                    Braveheart*B           $650-750
              Lani                              Diamond *B                 $700-800        
              Raven *3P                     Braveheart*B             $650- 750