Breeding Plan
Kidding Jan.-March. 2019

New Breeding Plan 2021
Early reservations can be made before kids are born by putting down a 
$50 deposit per kid. 
 Once kids are born we will start calling our waiting list in order we receive deposits.  We have the right to retain any kids born on the farm. 

 We keep kids with the Dam for 8 (bucklings)-10 (doelings) weeks to make sure they get off to a good start. 

 Breeding Plan is subject to change
We also have the right to retain any kids

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                                                                        Mini-Nubian Kid Prices 

 Prices are based on generation, milk lines, conformation, blue-eyes and polled


*****Click on the goats pic. to see more info*****



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Breeding Plan
For Sale
Goat Milk Soap

​            Lily *P                               Braveheart *B             $550-600

        Bunny *B                              Braveheart *B             $550-600


      Magnolia                                Apache                    $550-600

      Ellie *P                                   Finley *B                  $550-600


        Fiona *P                               Silver *B                    $550-600


          Pippa                              Diamond *B                  $550-6


               Raven *3P                          Brave *B               $550

      Wren                                   Silver *B                       $500-550

      Riley                                    Braveheart *B              $500-550



Tip: When purchasing your first Mini- Nubian always buy the best you can possibly afford to start your foundation herd! 
Remember, click on the goats pic. to see their bloodlines. 

Due Feb. 25th​
​Possible moonspots, MILK
Bucklings will have

Due March 2nd​
Possible moonspots, MILK
Bucklings will have 

​Kidded 1/31/21
​2 doelings

Kidded 1/28/21
2 doelings and 1 buckling
Buckling has his milkstar

​Kidded 1/29/21
1 doeling and 1 buckling
Buckling has his milkstar

​Kidded 1/25/21
2 bucklings 
1 polled blue-eyes and 1 blue eyes
Both have milkstars

Didn't Take

​Kidded 12/30/20
Single doeling

​Due 2/26/21
Possible blue eyes, moonspots
Retaining buckling
           Paisley                                    Brave *B                 $550-600

Didn't Take
                 Bristol *P                            Silver *B                  $600-650
                 Tansy                                Silver *B              $550-600

Kidded 12/27/20
Single Doeling
                 Blossom                               BraveheBart *     $500-550

Due 3/25/21

F4 kids (new lines)​
​Possible Moonspots

Due 3/8/21

Possilbe Blue eyes
Moonspots and MILK

Kidded 1/24/21
Retaining polled doeling

                Tinsel                                Braveheart *B     $550-600                 
                     Aurora                                Finley *B          $600-650