OUR   FARM.....
                 Girls enjoying a sunny day...
                  Home of The Mini-Nubians
             Hanging with my friends
                 Mini-Nubian Kids Playing
We started raising Dairy Goats in June of 09.  My husband and I did a lot of research

before very carefully hand picking our select group of Nubians.  We are very proud of our herd.

Our Nubians are loved and well taken care of.   Our goal is to constantly improve our herd. 

We breed for nubian features, great milk lines, and flashy colors.  We have worked hard to

 bring new bloodlines to Texas.  When buying a goat from us you will be extremely pleased to find

 healthy, high quality goats with great features.   They are all tame and very friendly.  We sell our 

goats for pets, show, breeding, and milking lines.   We are not a goat mill, and do not sell for meat. 

Our Farm
Breeding Plan
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Goat Milk Stuff
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           Getting Goaty Kisses...

Chicken Coop
Entrance into barn
Indoor stalls and Hay loft
Inside one of the stalls
Cupola and Mini Nubian Wind Vane