Mini Nubain Bucks
Goat Trails at Creekside Farms

We have a select herd of Mini Nubians from strong milking lines to great conformation and structure.  These milklines have been flown in from all over the United States.  We take great Pride in our herd, and provide the upmost care. Milklines start with the Buck. We focus on attachment, teat placement, orifices, and milk production.  
                             Our herd is CAE, CL, Johnes and G6S Normal.  

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Goat Trails Hearts Delight "Cupid" *B

Breed: Mini Nubian Purebred (Blue-eyes)
DOB: 02-22-16
Sire: Laz E Acres Finley
Dam: Sonflower Faith
Breeding Status: Open

Mr. Hearts Delight Cupid was born right here on the farm. He is absolutely stunning! His name comes from the black heart placed on the center of his back.  He has a Great topline, with nice width and length to his body.  To add a little icing on this cake, he has blue-eyes!  His dam is a powerhouse milker! Milking a gallon a day.  She has a nice udder with long teats and big orifices, which makes her extremely easy to milk!

Bloodlines: Echo Hill's, Cornerstone.
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 Laz E Acres "Finley" *B 

Breed: Mini-Nubian 5th gen. (moonspots)
52.34% Nubian/ 47.66% Nigerian
DOB: 01-02-14
Sire: Cornerstone Farm Moon Light
Dam: Echo Hill's SG Bunny 2*P
Breeding Status

Finley has earned his keep around here. He is the foundation to my herd. He has improved udder attachment, teat placement and orifices. Finley has beautiful long ears, great top line, solid conformation.  His dam has her milk star and his sire is Grand Champion in MDGA virtual show and has produced many Grand Champions.  Finley earned his milk star by having 3 daughters unrelated get their milk star. What's not to like about Finley, he is gorgeous!!  

Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Cornerstone
Hurlburt Farm "Glory" *B 

Breed: Mini Nubian 5th gen. (MILK)
DOB: 02-28-16
Sire: Green Gables SOF King Camo *B
Dam: Green Gables Beaming Jolene 3*P 
Breeding Status: Open

I am very excited I retained Winston out of this boy!.  He has my favorite Green Gable goats in his background.  His Dam is out of Molly O Malley and Moonbeam, and just received her milk star.  His Sire's parents are Trillium and Spice of Freedom.  Wow, all that in one small package!  He has tons of MILK in his lines and the udders behind this guy are consistent and amazing! His dam is milking 8.5lbs a day!  Her udder has capacity, high attachment, long teats and big orifices. Looking forward to seeing his babies in the future! I will be retaining something for sure!! 

Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Hidden Creek, Green Gables
​Reference Bucks
Goat Trails Glory's Legacy "Winston" *B

Breed: Purebred Mini Nubian (Polled)
DOB: 3/14/17            
Sire: Hurlburt Farm KC Savor the Glory
Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Naomi
Breeding Status: Open

This guy is stunning! He has beautiful conformation, he is small and wide, with great leg angulation and wide pendulous ears. He is gorgeous! This boy is polled and has tons of MILK stars in his bloodlines.  His dam was very impressive with her FF udder. Very excited to see his kids!

Bloodlines: Echo Hill's, Green Gables, Hidden Creek

Cornerstone Farm Moon Light

Breed: Mini Nubian 5th gen.
DOB: 02/8/17
Sire: Echo Hill's Winchester
Dam: Cornerstone Farm Glitter
Breeding Status: Open

I am so excited to be getting Moon Light.  This buck is stunning!! He has produced several Grand Champions as well as a Grand Champion himself.  Love his length and width.  He has wide pendulous ears and a beautiful roman nose, that he puts on his kids.  Moon Light is a full brother to Portland. She is one of my favorite does.  You can see her udder on her page, which he will pass on to his kids.   I can't wait for breeding season to see his kids.  

Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Cornerstone, 

Cedar Creek Blue Moon "Apache"

Breed: Purebred Mini Nubian (Blue -eyes)
53.90% Nubian/ 46.10% Nigerian
DOB: 4/22/18
Sire: Goat Trails Romeo   
Dam: Autumn Wood's Moonshine
Breeding Status: 

This boy was such a surprise to get! I sold Picasso and he is my link back to him through his sire Goat Trails Romeo. I am super excited to add this buck to the herd! He is absolutely stunning! He is wide, long, has strong correct legs, roman nose and nice long wide ears. His dam has a nice attached udder with great teat placement and big orifices for hand milking!  She easily gives a gallon a day!

Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Soaring Hearts, Green Gables, Cornerstone, Hidden Creek
Goat Trails Winston's Blue 
"Diamond" *B

Breed: Purebred Mini Nubian (Blue eyes and Polled)
53.47% Nubian/ 46.53% Nigerian
DOB: 3/4/18
Sire: Goat Trails Glory's Legacy Winston *B
Dam: Goat Trails Ellie Mae Blue 2*P
Breeding Status: 

This buck, I had to retain! I don't know of any other polled blue eyed bucks that have their milk star with his qualities! His Sire Winston was my first polled to earn his milk star! I've been working on bringing in good udders along with the blue eyes and polled! He has amazing conformation and tons of MILK in his lines. His dams udder is absolutely perfect for a FF. Great attachment, teat placement, nice medial lig., great orifices and beautiful foreudder. I am very pleased with Diamond!

Bloodlines: Echo Hill's Cornerstone, Green Gable

Green Gables Remember the Brave "Braveheart" *B

Breed: Mini Nubian 5th gen.
DOB: 5/28/18
Sire: Green Gable Remember the Battle "Remmy" *B
Dam: Green Gable SOF Banana Muffin 3*P
Breeding Status: 2018

This little guy was such a surprise to get. He became available after a sell fell through. One of those things that's just meant to be.  Braveheart's dam has great length, width and udder with a nice high attachment and smooth blended foreudder. Her teats are wideset so hoping Brave's Sire Remmy improves this. Braveheart's Sire Remmy, is absolutely gorgeous! Eliya says Remmy is the best buck she's ever bred and his Dam Cali Luna has one of the best udders, she can't find fault with it. Braveheart's kids are gorgeous, he definitely throws color. I am excited to retain a few of his kids. 

Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Green Gable
Blackberry's Houdini
Grand Champion and Best in show 2017 V-show

Breed: F5 Mini Nubian 
Sire:Cornerstone Moonlight
Dam: Blue Oak's Black Magic *P
Breeding Status:2018

Houdini is a very special buck! I have had my eye on him since he was born. This boy is stunning!! Beautiful topline, brisket, blends well, strong chine, Ears!!! He is out of Moonlight, who is about to have his Milk Star and has produced some gorgeous Grand champion kids. Houdini also has the Blue Oak's in his lines, which means he will produce some heavy milkers! Love the Blue Oak lines.
Bloodlines: Blue Oak, Cornerstone, Echo Hills, Paradise, Kastdemur
Blackberry's Old Guy Bill *B

Grand Champion and Best in show 2018 V-show

Breed:Mini Nubian 4th gen
 66.55% Nubian/ 33.45% Nigerian
DOB: 3/3/18
Sire:Paradise Peter *B
Dam: Paradise Spirit *P
Breeding Status:2018

Bill is a very correct buck, he has strong sturdy legs, beautiful topline with great leg angulation. He is smoothly blended from the neck to withers. He has a strong chine and nice brisket. This guy has amazing milk production and udders in his lines. love his dam's udder!! Bill's Sire is 1 daughter away from earning his milk star and then Bill will have his. To top if off, he is staying small!
Bloodlines: Blue Oak, Paradise, Kastdemur
Goat Trails Spirit's Silver Lining *B
2X Grand Champion in 
MDGA Virtual Show 2020

Breed: F5 Mini Nubian (Moonspotted)
Sire: Blackberry's Old Guy Bill *B
Dam: Goat Trails Ellie-Mae Blue 2*P
Breeding Status:

Silver is absolutely stunning! I had planned on keeping Bill his Sire longer, but Silver was an improvement to him. Silver has an amazing brisket, width, length, rump, rear angulation and his ears are an improvement. I am very pleased with this breeding! He was exactly what I wanted.
Bloodlines: Paradise, Blue Oak, Green Gable, Echo Hills
Cedar Creek Finley's Grand Finale "Finn" *B

Breed: Mini Nubian 5th gen
DOB: Born Feb. 2021
Dam: Red Barn Violet 2*P
Sire: Autumn Woods Riddler *B

Finn's Grand Sire is Finley who is the foundation to my herd. He was an outstanding buck.  I wanted to continue his great nubian characteristics through Finn. Finn is going to be shorter and will keep your height down. He has a lot of Green Gable in him with great milk lines and new lines too. His Dam violet's udder is below. If your looking for milk and to improve udder attachment this is your guy!

Bloodlines, Echo Hills, Katsdemur, Green Gable,