The mini nubian is smaller than the Nubian, but larger than the Nigerian Dwarf.  Our does average around 24-26 inches at the withers (shoulder).  Their smaller size makes them a lot easier to handle than their larger relatives, so hoof trimming, clipping, showing and milking become much easier. They are just the right size for children.  The MiniNubian is bred to look like the Nubian with those adorable floppy ears and roman noses, but to stay small.  Another advantage of the MiniNubian (especially for those with limited acreage) is that the Mini Nubian can produce 2/3rds the amount of milk as a Nubian on about half the feed.  Talk about efficient!  The MiniNubian makes the perfect home milker as they give lots of rich milk that is excellent for cheese-making, yogurt, butter etc.                                         

Cornerstone Portland *P

Breed: Mini- Nubian 5th gen(Dapple)
56.24% Nubian 43.76% Nigerian
Sire: Echo Hills Winchester
DamCornerstone Glitter
Breeding Status:

Portland is from Oregon, we are very excited she came to Texas!  She brings great milklines, and outstanding Nubian traits, along with the flashy color.  Just Beautiful! She was Grand Champion, and Best Jr. Doe of the 2015 V-show.

Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Hidden Creek, For-get-me-not

Goat Trails Love My "Pippa"

Breed: Purebred Mini-Nubian  (Dapple)
54% Nubian/ 46% Nigerian
D.O.B 01/30/18
Sire: Goat Trails Hearts Delight Cupid *B
Dam: Cornerstone Farm Portland *P
Breeding Status: 

Pippa is absolutely stunning!! Love the chocolate dapple coloring. She will carry on her dam's beautiful nubian traits, great ears, top line and solid legs. Dam has a nice high attachment, and capacious udder. 

Bloodlines: Cornerstone, Echo Hills, 

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Goat Trails Fancy "Fiona"2*P

Breed: Purebred Mini Nubian (Blue/ Moonspots)
51.75% Nubian/ 48.25% Nigerian
DOB: 01-28-18
Sire: Laz- E- Acres Finley *B
Dam: Sonflower Ranch Faith *P
Breeding Status: 

Fiona is just stunning!  She brings great milk lines to the herd. She has beautiful long pendulous ears, a great top line, and spot on conformation. Her sister Goat Trails Honey and Bunny have a beautiful Udder with big orifices. Looking forward to milking this girl! I would have a whole herd of goats like her. Fiona got her milkstar 2020, as 2nd freshener milking 8.9lbs with a BF of 5.38.
Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Cornerstone, Blue Oak, Hidden Creek
​    Ginger Top Sapphire- Blue

Breed: Mini- Nubian 2nd gen. (Blue-eyes / Moonspots) 68.61% Nubian/ 31.39% Nigerian
DOB: 02-28-17
Sire:  Ginger Top Farm Charlie  2nd gen.
Dam: Ginger Top Farm Seville *P 1st gen.
Breeding Status: 
This is Raven's Dam.
We are very excited to add Sapphire to our herd, she will bring in new blood lines to our minis. She is long and wide with a spunky little personality. This little girl is so stunning in person. She had a great FF udder and got her milk star as a FF! I retained Raven from her to carry on these great lines!

Bloodlines: Longman, Little Tots Estate, J&M Hideaway, Green Gable
Goat Trails Honey-"Bunny" 2*P

Breed: Purebred Mini-Nubian (Moonspots)
51.76% Nubian/ 48.24% Nigerian
DOB: 03/02/17
Sire: Laz E Acer's Finley *B
Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Faith *P
Breeding Status: 2017

Bunny is a full sister to Fiona.

Bunny is a red roan with moonspots. She has gorgeous wide pendulous ears with such a long body, her conformation is stunning. Her dam has a great udder and so easy to milk, she is a gallon a day milker! This girl has it all!  
Bunny had a beautiful FF udder, she is one of my favorites to milk!

Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Blue Oak, Cornerstone
Goat Trails Spring_Magnolia 3*P

Breed: Purebred Mini-Nubian  (Polled)  
52.71% Nubian/ 47.29% Nigerian
D.O.B. 03-10-16
Sire: Goat Trails Winston's Blue "Diamond" *B
Dam: Goat Trails Blissful Joy "Bliss" 2*P
Breeding Status: 2017

This little doeling, I just had to keep! She is so beautiful, great topline and all around amazing dairy breed Character! Her ears are perfect!! She comes from Grand Champions in show and lots of Milk Stars!! She has GG Moonbeam and EH Molly O Malley in her background. Magnolia has long teats perfect for hand milking. I Love her dairy Characteristics!! This girl had 13.8% BF! Unbelievable!!
Bloodlines: Echo Hill, Hidden Creek, Green Gables, Cornerstone

Autumn Wood's Easter "Lily"*P

Breed: Purebred Mini-Nubian  
53.23% Nubian/ 46.77% Nigerian
Sire: Echo Hill's Ruby's Bootlegger
Dam: AlyMar Ebony Marie
Breeding Statu: 2017

This is Ellie's Dam and Diamond's Granddam

This Girl has MILK!!!  Her mom gives a gallon a day!  Lily has a great top line and beautiful roman nose.  She also has a great confirmation and beautiful long, wide pendulous ears. Lily is one mini who has it all!! She'll always be one of my favorites!! Lily is super easy to hand milk, love her udder and orifices!

Bloodlines: Echo Hill's, Cornerstone
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Goat Trails Blue Moon Raven 3*P

Breed: F3 American Mini Nubian (Blue eyes)
61.26% Nubian/ 38.74% Nigerian
DOB: 3/4/18
Sire: Cedar Creek Blue Moon Apache
Dam: GingerTop Farm Sapphire 2*P
Breeding Status: 2018

Raven has width and depth to her, with a beautiful roman nose. Her dam Sapphire, has an amazing udder with great attachments, nice medial ligament and teat placement. I'm amazed at Sapphire's FF udder.  She has great size teats, orifices as well as capacity. She earned her Milk star as a FF. Little Miss Raven just earned her milk star as a FF too 3rd generation with 5.35% BF Wow!!
Bloodlines: Longman, Little Tots Estate, J&M Hideaway, Green Gable, Echo Hills
Sonflower Ranch's Naomi *P

Breed: Mini Nubian 6th gen. (POLLED)
53.11% Nubian/ 46.89% Nigerian
DOB: 04-16-16
Sire: Soaring Hearts Gilles
Dam: Sonflower Ranch's El'Dora
Breeding Status: 

Naomi has a beautiful dairy breed character. Her dam's udder is very nice, high attachment, capacity, nice teat placement and big orifices. We decided to keep a polled buckling from Naomi and Glory. Naomi had a very impressive FF Udder!! Beautiful attachments, medial lig, with great teat size and orifices. She milked 7#'s plus as a FF. As a second Freshener she was up to 10# plus. Naomi is the foundation of my polled lines
Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Blue Oak, Soaring Hearts
Goat Trails Ellie Mae-Blue 2*P

Breed: Purebred Mini Nubian  (Blue-eyes)
52.49% Nubian/ 47.51% Nigerian
DOB: 03/07/17
Sire: Goat Trails LF Hearts Delight Cupid *B
Dam: Autumn Wood's Easter Lily *P
Breeding Status: 
I am so thankful, I retained this girl!. She is gorgeous!
She has great milk lines. Her dam, Lily had the perfect FF udder for a yearling,  It was smaller, but with perfect attachments, orifices and teat placement. I couldn't be more pleased with Ellie's FF Udder! Ellie is one of my favorite to milk! Love her udder, teat placement and orifices. She got her milk star as a FF.
Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Cornerstone, Blue Oak

Whispering Willow Golden "Pearl"

Breed: Purebred Mini-Nubian 5th gen.(Blue-eyes)
59.96% Nubian/ 40.04% Nigerian
D.O.B.: 4/4/18
Sire: Goat Trails Zorro
Dam: Bell Vita's Pearl
Breeding Status: 

Pearl is a stunning red buckskin with blue-eyes. She has beautiful conformation.  This little jewel will bring in some new milk lines to the herd. Paradise and Blue Oak lines have large capacity, lots of milk, yet can lack the attachment. This girl with her sire should improve the attachment and have the whole package! Pearl is Portland's Gran-daughter. I have retained Paisley from Pearl to carry on these great lines.
Bloodlines: Blue Oak, Paradise, Echo Hills

Sheep Gate Farm Song of Spring "Scarlett"

Breed: Purebred Mini Nubian (MILK)
55.01% Nubian/ 44.99% Nigerian
DOB: 4/5/18
Sire: Sheep Gate Malachi
Dam: Echo Hills Sparrow
Breeding Status: 
This is Wren's Dam.​

Wow! I can't say enough about Scarlett. She has gorgeous breed character and the best of the best lines when it comes to MILK and Udders. I am so excited to add this girl to the herd.  She will bring capacity, attachment, nubian traits and MILK!!  This girl is something special!! Wren was retained out of Scarlett to carry on her MILKY lines!!

Bloodlines: Green Gable, Echo Hill's
Our main focus here at Goat Trails is to produce Minis with Correct Nubain characteristics and udder development.  I am very picky about conformation, udder attachments, teat placement and big orifices.  If these things are in place first then we can add flash, blue eyes and polled. Many people buy for flash and forget the rest.  You'll find we have the whole package!
Goat Trails Blue Diamond's
 "Bristol" 3*P
Breed: Purebred Mini Nubian (Polled and Blue eyes)
52.61% Nubian/ 47.39 Nigerian
DOB: 03/19/19
Sire: Goat Trails Winston's Blue "Diamond" *B
Dam: Goat Trails Fiona Blue 2*P
Breeding Status: Open

Super excited about this girl! This girl is solid, she is thick, has great width and very dairy.  She's already sporting her nice topline and brisket too!  A sweet bonus she is polled and blue eyes. I am looking forward to seeing her udder. I will be working on getting her Dam's milk star this spring and her Sire already has his. Bristol just got her milk star as a FF with a BF of 6.13% Wowzer!!!

Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Blue Oak, Cornerstone
Goat Trails BH Whimsical Wren *P

Breed: Mini Nubian Purebred (Moonspots)
57.37% Nubian/ 42.63% Nigerian
DOB: 05/05/19
Sire: Blackberry's Houdini *B
Dam: Sheep Gate Farm Song of Spring Scarlett
Breeding: Status:Open

​Wow! I am so excited to be retaining Wren, she is absolutely stunning! She has gorgeous breed character, width and length! Very correct legs and hocks, she already has a nice brisket at only 3 months old.  Oh and those ears for days! :) Wren has gorgeous kids. Hope is her daughter, she puts a nice rump and brisket on her kids. Her udder was very nice with a great attachment. 

Bloodline: Green Gables, Echo Hill, Blue Oak
Goat Trails BH Paisley Blue *P

Breed: Purebred Mini Nubian (Blue-eyes)
59.85% Nubian/ 40.15% Nigerian
DOB: 05/12/19
Sire: Blackberry's Houdini
Dam: Whispering Willow Golden Pearl
Breeding Status: Closed

This sweet little girl is such a gem! She is a beautiful blue eyed chocolate, covered in moonspots. I love milking her mama, she has fantastic orifices. Hoping she will carry on the great udders and capacity. Paisley is super tiny, so she will not be bred this season 2021

Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Blue Oak,
Reference Goats
Cedar Creek "Storm" of Rayne 2*P

Breed: Mini Nubain Purebred (Polled) (Moonspots)
DOB: 1/18/2020
Sire: Goat Trails Glory's Legacy Winston *B
Dam: Cedar Creek Stormey's Blue Rayne *P
Breeding Status: Open

Storm is a stunning girl! Beautiful breed character! She is polled and is such a sweetheart! I love to hand milk and she has great orifices for this. Her udder is wide and high, she also has great teat size for hand milking. This girl has around 5.5 % BF. Her lines come from Winston who is my first polled boy that came from Green Gable lines. Why not add GG's udders in when creating a polled line. 

Bloodlines: Green Gables, Goat Trails, Echo Hills, Sonflower Ranch 
Goat Trails Whimsical "Hope"

Breed: Mini Nubian Purebred (Moonspots)
DOB: 12/27/20
Sire: Goat Trails Spirit's Silver Lining *B
Dam: Goat Trails Whimsical Wren *P
Breeding Status: Open

Hope is the doeling that you "Hope" for when your planning your breeding program. I find myself just watching and staring at her all the time because she's pretty near perfection! She's GORGEOUS in every way. Silver put his mark on her for sure. Can't wait to see her FF udder. Her sire got 2x Grand Champion in the MDGA V-show 

Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Blue Oak, Paradise, Blackberry
Goat Trails Spirit's Sparkling "Tinsel" 3*P

Breed: F3 Mini Nubian (Blue-eyes)
DOB: 2/17/2020
Sire: Blackberry's Old Man Bill *B
Dam: Goat Trails Ellie-Mae Blue 2*P
Breeding Status: Open

Tinsel is a beautiful tiny package that has everything I am looking for. She has an amazing escutcheon, width, correct legs, nice dairy neck, great teat placement, Oh and her topline with that flat rump is what I want to see in my whole herd. I am hoping she will be big enough to be bred in Oct. 2021.
Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Cornerstone, Blackberry, Paradise Farm, Blue Oak.
Goat Trails Diamond's Tanzanite Blue "Tansy"

Breed:Mini Nubian Purebred (Blue eyes)
DOB: 1/22/2020
Sire: Goat Trails Winston's Blue Diamond *B
Dam: Autumn Wood's Easter Lily *P
Breeding Status: Open

Tansy is stunning! One of my keepers! She is long and dairy with ears for days! She has a gorgeous roman nose from her Dam Lily. She has a nice topline with long rump. This is a line breeding Grandam to Grandson. She has beautiful breed character with a gorgeous lines. 
Bloodlines: Echo Hills, Green Gables, 

Green Gable Lovely "Lani"

Breed: Mini Nubain 4th gen. (MILK)
DOB: 3/18/2021
Sire: Green Gable SOF Dreamer *B
Dam: Green Gable FF Cali Eclipse 5*P
Breeding Status: Open

Lani is a gem to have at the farm. She is so loving and sweet with some amazing milk lines! I have wanted an Eclipse baby because of her beautiful udder and lines. Cali Luna is this little girl's Granddam she has one of the best GG udders I have ever seen. She peaked at 14# Wow!! This girl should have lots of MILK!! 
If you want to carry on some consistent udders in your herd, this is your girl! She'll be bred to Diamond my polled and blue eyed buck.

Bloodlines: Green Gables, Echo Hill