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 Dam's Sire: Green Gables Moonbeam *B
Moonbeam's Dam: GG Trillium 2*P
 Dam Dam's Green Gables Amber 1*P
Dam's Dam: GG Ivory 1*P
Amber's Granddam: Echo Hill's Molly O' Malley 2*P
Dam: Green Gables Amber- Rose
Sire: Laz E Acres Finley
Sire's Dam: Echo Hill's Bunny *P
Dam's Dam: FMCH Hidden Creek's Phoebe's Sweetie *P
Sire's Dam: Echo Hills Emerald 2*P
Dam's Sire: Echo Hill's Hes A Gem *B
Sire's Sire: FCH Echo Hill's Sinbad *B
Sire's Sire: FMC Cornerstone Farm Moon Light
​Dam: Goat Trails Blissful Joy *P
Sire: Goat Trails Winston's Blue Diamond *B
Sire's Sire: Goat Trails Winston (Polled) *B
Sire's ​Dam: Sonflower Ranch Naomi *P
Dam: Goat Trails Ellie-Mae Blue 2*P
Ellie's FF Udder
Naomi FF Udder
With her 2nd Freshening she is giving me 1/2 a gallon with 1 milking a day
Naomi's Sire: Soaring Hearts Gilles
Naomi's Dam: Sonflower Ranch's El Dora
Gillies Sire: Soaring Hearts Reserved Champion Rio Bravo *P
Bravo's Sire: Echo Hills Cracker Jack *P
Bravo's Dam: Reserved Champion Echo Hills Sierra Sarah *P She received best udder in all 3 rings in 2010
Winston's Sire: Hurlburt Farm Glory *B
Glory's Dam: Green Gable Jolene 3*P
Glory's Sire: Green Gable King Camo *B
Glory's Grandsire: Green Gable BF Spice of Freedom
Camo's Grand Dam: Green Gables USG Trillium  2*P
Spice's Dam on Sire Side: Green Gable Nutmeg 2*P
Ellie's Dam: Autumn Wood's Easter Lily *P
Lily's Dam: Alyma Ebony Marie​
This girl had a blown teat and milked 1/2 gallon on one side.
​lily's Sire: Echo Hills Bootlegger
Sire's Sire: Echo Hills Cracker Jack
Cracker Jack's Dam: Echo Hill's Cinnamon Spice Girl *2P
Ellie's Sire: Goat Trails Hearts Delight Cupid
Dam: Sonflower Ranch Faith *P
Faith is a gallon a day milker, she has big orifices which make her super easy to milk.
Sire: Laz E Acre Finley
Magnolia's FF Udder