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Sire: Cornerstone Moonlight
Dam: Blue Oak's Black Magic *B
Moon's Sire: Echo Hill's Winchester
Moon's Dam: Cornerstone Glitter
Dam's Dam: Cornerstone Dazzle me's udder nursing twins.
Cornerstone Portland is Moonlights full sister
Sire's Dam: Echo Hills Tiara's Ruby

Sire's Sire: Blue Oak Philosopher's Stone

Sire: Fertile Earth Alchemist

Sire's Dam: Blue Oak's Compass Rose

Compass Rose Sire: Blue Oak King's Ransome *B
Houdini's Full Sisters Udder, Moonlight has improved attachment and teat placement! :)
Houdini has earned a Grand Champion leg in the 2017 MDGA V-Show. His Dam easily milks over a gallon a day 
at the age 7.